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Croatian Navy ships in Split, 18.9.2016.

Posted by picard578 on September 29, 2016

I know it is little late, but here be some photos:

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Heavy CAS Aircraft Proposal

Posted by Riley-Amos on September 26, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.36.11 PM.png



Like Picard, I do not necessarily condone a large, heavy aircraft for close air support. Heavy aircraft lack the austere basing capabilities of the smaller aircraft already outlined in the proposal section of this blog. Never the less, this article will explore the inner and outer workings of what i believe to be the correct design for such an aircraft.

Those with a keen eye will have already spotted the similarities of my design to the Canadian “CF-100”. The CF-100 was an incredible leap forward in interceptor design, and featured many design elements useful for a CAS aircraft, these include: Long internal fuel range, a short takeoff run, and an impressive dash capability for it’s straight wings.



A common criticism of the A-10 Thunderbolt II, is that it’s two GE TF-34 turbofans are somewhat lacking in power, resulting in difficulty during recovery from steep dives (I.E. cannon strafing runs). On the other hand, the Russian Su-25 is often praised for it’s comparatively high speed and acceleration with it’s two Soyuz/Gavrilov R-195 turbojets. Due to the relatively confined engine nacelles of the CF-100 (and my reluctance to change the size/shape of them), I propose a turbojet similar to the R-195 is used. This will result in more power than the GE TF-34, however it will guzzle fuel faster. Keep in mind, the original CF-100 achieved all it did with two Avro Canada Oredna 11 turbojets, putting out 7,300lbf each, compared to the 9,921lbf of the R-195 turbojets I propose. Another added benefit of these turbojets is their inherent ability to run them on all grades of kerosene, and even diesel (albeit up to 4 hours for the latter).



All dimensions will be identical to the CF-100, this is as follows:

Wingspan: 17.4m (57′ 2″)

Length: 16.5m (54′ 2″)

Height: 4.4m (14′ 6″)

Wing area: 54.9m² (591’²)



Fuel will be kept in two armoured tanks, rear of the main landing gear bays. Total fuel capacity will be 4098.32 litres (~1082 gallons), equating to 3442kg of fuel (assuming use of standard JP-8) the (side view) layout is shown here in 2D:




The armament I propose is a cross between the Su-25’s and the A-10’s.


The most important part of an effective CAS aircraft is it’s cannon; accurate, unfazed by countermeasures, fear inducing and effective. The A-10’s GAU-8 is famous for firing it’s depleted uranium projectiles (Covered in Picard’s excellent article seen here). While these are effective against enemy armour and should not be overlooked, their effectiveness against enemy and infantry and soft targets is questionable, and the nature of the GAU-8 limits it too a single type of ammunition carried at any one time. The two solutions I came up with are to have either two, separately fed cannons, or one dual fed cannon. As you will see in my model, I have opted for the former, this is for several reasons:


  1. It allows for double the rate of fire over a single cannon.
  2. It is double redundant; in the event of a jam in one cannon, there is still a second, effectively doubling the reliability.
  3. Dual fed cannons are somewhat unreliable compared to conventional feeding systems.
  4. Two cannons allows for both types of ammunition to be slung at the same time, this will be effective when attacking dismounted infantry in close proximity to their mechanisation.
  5. Two cannons firing at 3,000rpm in tandem should (in theory) neutralize the negative vibration effects of a single cannon firing at 6,000rpm.


The cannons themselves are Gsh-30-2 modified to fire standard US 30×173mm rounds (the same round as the GAU-8), the barrels are also modified to 2.4m (7.87′) over the original 1.5m (4.92′) to increase muzzle velocity from 870m/s to 940m/s. The latter is already featured in the Gsh-30-2K, and brings the weight up to 126kg. The caliber change should bring the overall weight to ~145kg, both cannons together (290kg) will still weigh only 14kg more than the GAU-8. Keep in mind that my cannon proposal will require less bracing, and therefore less airframe weight. Another interesting feature of single/double barrel cannons over rotary cannons is the ease at which they can have their barrels changed to fire 40mm “Super Forty”. Each cannon is capable of 3,000rpm, resulting in the earth shattering rate of 6,000rpm when combined. Drum ammunition capacity will be two cells of 700 rounds each, 1,400 in total.

The ammunition drum is split into two cells, front and back: (White = Left cannon feed / Red = Right cannon feed)



In addition to the cannon, the aircraft mounts 11 pylons (4 per wing, 3 under fuselage). Munitions are as follows:


Given the ridiculously high cost of current fixed-wing-fired anti-tank missiles, the main anti armour weapon will be unguided, 5″ “Zuni” Rockets, likely fitted with tandem HEAT warheads. A laser guided option should be kept available, however it must cost no more than $10,000. Vehicles with armour comparable or softer than that of a T-72 should always be engaged with 30mm cannons, and/or 70mm unguided rockets (Hydra 70). In any future peer-to-peer warfare, it will be of paramount importance to destroy airfields. Modern militaries have completely neglected aircraft that can takeoff and land from dirt strips, and therefore without meticulously clean airfields, the enemy can’t mount air cover. For this, the aircraft will employ (double/triple redundant fused) cluster munitions, both dumb and standoff, as well as large thermobaric bombs to destroy aircraft in fortified hangers, munitions and dug-in AAA.


Internal Configuration:


Blue: Avionics (Main avionics bay is in nose, secondary is behind the cockpit. The latter is only filled with the basics to fly the aircraft and fire the cannon)

Orange: Fuel tanks (Surrounded and separated by a titanium plates and flame-retardant foam)


External Configuration:

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-4-34-11-pm screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-4-33-54-pm screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-4-33-45-pm screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-4-33-36-pm screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-4-34-36-pmscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-4-38-05-pm


Feedback is very welcome!


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News: Israel has 200 nukes pointed at Iran

Posted by picard578 on September 17, 2016

It has long been a public secret that Israel has nuclear missiles. Now we know how much, as well. Read the rest of this entry »

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Space X: Greed Makes Stupid

Posted by picard578 on September 9, 2016

Greed and stupidity are intrinsically connected. Stupid people are greedy because they do not know how to identify what they truly lack, and thus try to compensate for that lack with material goods. Greedy people are stupid, because greed – as explained – is a form of stupidity. And today, we are seeing the death of humanity.

At first, humans stared at stars in wonder. They were motivated by awe. In Galileo’s time, they were motivated by curiosity (and scientists, at least, still are). But today, main motivator is greed. This reductionalism of motivation is merely a consequence of reduction of humanity itself.

Nietzsche has said, “God is dead”. Today, it is correct to say that “Humanity is dead”. There may be seven billion individuals on the planet right now, but it is hard to find a human among them. Thanks to rampant materialism and other ideologies, human is no longer seen as a spiritual being, a creator, worthy of respect because he is a human in his entirety. Instead, human being is being torn apart. Capitalism sees humans merely as expendable tools for production of profit, to be discarded once broken. Progressivism sees human merely as a mental patient, someone who must not have his own thoughts, but merely ones approved by the progressivism itself (this characteristic is inherent in all totalitarian ideologies, from Islam to Nazism – if you can control human thoughts, no other control is necessary). Socialism goes a step further; in human, it sees a sick person, incapable of life in every way. Islam, despite its status as a religion, is no different from other ideologies: human beings are expendable, their only purpose is to spread Islam, and if they do not accept Islam, they are killed. Islam is a completely wordly ideology, despite its status as a religion: there is nothing spiritual in it.

All these ideologies negate human spirituality as well as human completeness, reducing human being to merely one of various aspects of its existence, just like blind men trying to describe an elephant. This is why they are so similar, and so helpful to each other. Just like Communists and Nazis cooperated in fighting the establishment until one of said groups got to power in a certain country, today progressivism and Islam cooperate in conquering human mind and establishing totalitarianism of thought. Globalization is a tool of this totalitarianism of thought: humans are tribal animals, and new ideas appear at rate that is proportional to number of tribes. Having large tribes means that no new ideas appear easily, and if they do, they are easily destroyed. This is one of reasons why Islam – where loyalty to “religion” is more important than loyalty to state – is so regressive (or “progressive”, in the politically-correct dictionary), and dangerous. Today, this effect of supranational tribe, or more accurately of a supranational Borg Collective-like hive mind, is being emulated in the West through supranational institutions of European Union, NATO, World Trade Organization and similar. Tribalism does lead to conflict, but it also leads to progress, as new ideas more easily find healthy ground, and tribes (nations) can look to each other to see what works, and what does not. In fact, progress without conflict is impossible.

But stupidity is profitable to those in power. This is especially in problem, as those in power tend to have sociopathic and psychopathic characteristics which, in fact, are the reason why they have acquired the power (unless inherited, but in that case they typically inherit the pattern of thought as well). So those in power favor the integration and globalization, to more easily propagate their stupidity across the globe. At the same time, their stupidity makes them invest into projects that are, in the long term, destructive to humanity. Milton Friedman and Ronald Reagan are claimed as great people, because their stupidity was profitable to plutocrats controlling this world. Intelligent they were, but stupid, as repeated failures of neoliberal model show. Profit and greed are pushed as being driving forces of advancement, by the stupid, for the stupid. Yet history, the ultimate teacher, shows that greed has destroyed every civilization that has come to rely on it, just as is happening today with the Western civilization. NASA has a budget of 18 billion USD; Pentagon has a budget of 600 billion USD, to protect the plutocrats, and make profits for the defense industry. Profitable stupidity has destroyed the Roman Empire, as plutocrats had undermined its social and economic basis (a process which started during the Punic wars, with large landowners increasing their latifundia, and destroying the small landowner caste which had provided the Roman Republic with soldiers). In the end, stupid greed is what will destroy the human species, long before some piece of space gravel happens upon the Earth.

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

One can be smart, without being really intelligent. A crocodile can be smart, but it is not really intelligent. And this true not just of individuals, but of civilizations.

We live in the age of stupid. A major freeway which I know all too well, has proclaimed itself “smart”, according to the giant, very bright LED panels along it. Those “smarts” involve red lights on access ramps. By smoothing the flow in, they are supposed to make traffic smoother. And they do. On the freeway. The freeway flows a tiny bit better, but traffic jams on the streets and roads leading to said access ramps extend now for miles, and the global gridlock is worse than ever, because those blockages in turn block streets and roads parallel to the giant freeway (those secondary thoroughfares used to carry traffic parallel to that of the freeway plus local traffic; now they are…

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USA As A Police State

Posted by picard578 on September 8, 2016

Obama, plutocracy, police violence, terror

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Many rage against Donald Trump, while singing the praises of Obama. They overlook that the Donald duck is what the Obama cat dragged home. How? Those who like false explanations call Trump supporters racist. However, Obama is personally popular, with a favorability rating of more than 50%, something rare for a president finishing his mandate. Meanwhile their anti-establishment rhetoric is strong (they detest Hillary Clinton, a blonde). So what irks Trump supporters is not so much the color of one skin, but the fact they have little skin in the game. For seven years, I wrote that the Obama’s administration, plus the Federal Reserve, deliberately favored the richest and especially the financial sector (say through Quantitative Easing, which directed money to the biggest banks).

Now the poorest are enraged. And the (plutocratically owned) media tell us that this “populism” is a dangerous form of racism. You want to see racism? Here it is:

Living While Black Is A Dangerous Condition. Obama Has Nothing To Do With It. Living While Black…

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Integrations – instrument of hegemony

Posted by picard578 on September 1, 2016

Soviet Union fell apart in 1990., and in 2001. there was an Islamist attack against World Trade Center. Yet NATO survived during those ten years. So did the World Trade Organization. Read the rest of this entry »

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“Islamophobia”: Created By The Muslim Brotherhood To Silence Critics

Posted by picard578 on August 21, 2016


thoughtcrimeTO: All Leftists, PC-apologists and butt-hurt Muslims.

RE: “Islamophobia” [#1] is fake concept designed to silence legitimate criticism.

“Islamophobia” is a made-up nonsensical word. Here, let me explain it to you.

A phobia, by definition, is an ‘irrational fear’. Since there have been 28,000 acts of Jihad [#2] since 9/11, most carried out while screaming “Allahu Akbar!” – I think the only IRRATIONAL reaction, is not being fearful.

Therefore, shouldn’t it be called ISLAMOREALISM?

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Rounding Up The Chicoms

Posted by picard578 on August 10, 2016

Rounding Up The Chicoms by David Archibald, author of Australia’s Defence (Connor Court) and Twilight of Abundance (Regnery) 2 August 2016   We study history so as to not repeat it. If your ad…

Source: Rounding Up The Chicoms

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Nazi roots of multiculturalism

Posted by picard578 on August 3, 2016

The origin of multiculturalism, typically seen as a liberal, leftist system of belief, lies with two Nazis, Martin Heidegger and Paul de Man. National Socialist philosophy became the basis of Deconstructionism, an irrational belief system that rejects facts for feelings, and holds that there is no truth, which then means that all ideas and cultures are equally valuable (a basis of multiculturalism). Multiculturalism is inverted Nazism – whereas Nazism is based on the hatred of minority by majority, multiculturalism is based on the hatred of majority by minority, including that within majority’s own ranks. This is the basis of the liberal-progressive self-hatred, which leads to anything associated with Western, white people, to be rejected, and only race or class has any meaning. It permeates the academia and anything associated with it. Both Deconstructionism and Nazism are determined by a web of inherently irrational assumptions and emotions. Read the rest of this entry »

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CLIMATE CHANGES: CO2, Islam, & The Eternal Return Of Fascism

Posted by picard578 on July 28, 2016

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Another day, another Islamist attack in France. This was “Islam de France“, as it is among all too many youth. The two (French) Islamist “martyrs” were shot dead by the BRI (Brigade d’Intervention Rapide). Armed with knives and a gun they took hostage several parishioners in a church. The 86 year old priest was made to kneel before his throat was cut. Several other elderly persons were cut. The Islamist “martyrs” were so busy filming their “heroic” deeds, that a nun was able to escape discreetly, and alerted the police. As with the latest attack in Bavaria at a music concert two days ago, the Islamist pseudo-state ISIS claimed it set it up. The area, in rural Normandy, is known as one of the most Islamized places in France, thanks to a Salafist mosque (which, if one followed Israeli methods, would have been dynamited long ago!)


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